Management Facility

The Senda Welfare Hall/Child Welfare Hall (complex Facilities.)


As of 2014 we were entrusted by the Koto-ku City Government to manage the welfare facilities.


Our facilities are aimed for keeping and encouraging the healthy lives of elderly people, however, Anyone who is a resident of Koto-ku area can enjoy the facilities.


On the 1st floor, we have the welfare hall were senior citizens in the koto-ku area can come and enjoy socializing by making friends, play board games like, othello,shogi(Japanese chess)card games. Also, relaxing and refreshing the mind and body.


On the 2nd floor, we have the children welfare hall, which about 60% of users are elementary school children.(Jr. high ) Which we provide an atmosphere were children can enjoy and study after school and play games.and for mothers to enjoy playing with there toddlers in the baby room area.


On the 3rd floor and the roof, we have an area were kids can play Basketball,soccer, dodgeball.
And if they are into planting we have a little garden were kids can plant seeds and grow there own veggies.