A special training course was held at Ryukyu Rehabilitation Institute (Okinawa, Japan)!

On Friday, July 16, our CEO, Mr. Ito, gave a special lecture at the Ryukyu Rehabilitation Institute in Okinawa Prefecture. The lecture was attended by about 60 students from the Department of Child Rehabilitation, who are aiming to become childcare workers, and the Department of Occupational Therapy, who are interested in working with the children. We were very pleased to see them listening attentively to each of our talks, and we gave a very encouraging message to the future childcare workers. In addition to the classes required to obtain qualifications, the school is also home to animals such as horses, where students can learn about animal therapy and other unique classes, making it a very interesting school.
Ryukyu Rehabilitation Academy: https://www.ryukyu.ac.jp/