After giving birth to 2nd son I went back to mommy nursery

taFutamatagawa nursery

It will be my 5th year since i joined Mommy Int. After giving birth to my eldest son, I took 1 year paternity leave. Then in the 7th year I gave birth to another son and went back to work after 5 months. Working as a daycare teacher is very hard work and sometimes invigorating.
Believe that to let part-time work also continued to not over do it, are able to work, as well as many sick children are breaking, but soon thank you for attention, other officials’ and medical staff to help me, husband and help bringing up a child and house work by working in double harness.
Having the experience to raise children allows me to advise and listen to other working mothers and also expand the range of up-bringing’s and the way to deal with children. It is hard to keep the balance of work and raising children, but it gives me great pleasure to watch then grow att. the nursery school.