Corporate Profile

Company name Mommy International Co., Ltd.
C.E.O. Katsuyasu Ito
Establishment 42 years (November 2021)
November 1979-October 2009 (Boston English Academy)
March, 1994 (Mommy Daycare Center Chigasaki was established)
Number of employees 782(as of 2021 April)
Stated capital 30 million yen
Location □Head office
Zip code: 231-0062
Granview Building 5F, Sakuragi-cho 1-1, Naka Ward
Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
TEL: 045-680-5577 FAX: 045-680-5578

JR Sakuragicho Station, New South Exit (Shiyakusho Exit): 3-minute walk
Go up the pedestrian bridge in front of the left side of the ticket gate and turn right into the passage.
Go straight and go down the stairs on the left before the river.


Head Office Direction Guide













□Tokyo branch office
zip code: 136-0072
Tokyo-to Koto-ku Ojima 2-37-9-201
TEL: 03-3636-5388 FAX: 03-5875-0773





Business Description □Running and operating “Childcare facilities” and Mommy daycare centers in Mansions(apt.)
□Dispatching our nursery teachers to related government events that are related to the Administration
□Managing After school project commissioned by the Government.
□English Education Division: Manages English program in nurseries and After School, and dispatch Native English teachers to different schools.
□Designated to manage social welfare hall and child welfare residential facility
Corporate identity Company philosophy is for the happiness of all the individuals who work at Mommy International.
because of that, we can make everybody satisfied whoever are involved.
Company slogan “Mommy, always there for you.”
Childcare identity We are aiming for a safe and nurturing nursery, with an atmosphere where children can relax and be happy
Business profile □Child care facilities
1. Mommy nursery Chigasaki (certified nursery)
2. Mommy nursery Sagamiono (certified nursery)
3. Mommy nursery Futamatagawa (certified nursery)
4. Mommy nursery Shinkawasaki (certified nursery)
5. Takasu Mommy nursery (certified nursery)
6. Mommy nursery Nishiojima (certified nursery)
7. Mommy nursery Toyocho (certified nursery)
8. Mommy nursery Higashisuna (certified nursery)
9. Mommy nursery Ogibashi (certified nursery)

□Childcare facility in mansion
1. Mommy daycare center Minamisunamachi (Tokyo certified nursery)

□ Projects Commissioned by Koto City
1. Koto Kids Club Rokusuna (Established inside the Dairokusunamachi Elementary School)
2. Koto Kids Club Nidai (Established inside the Dainiojima Elementary School)
3. Koto Kids Club Rinkai (Established inside the Rinkai Elementary School)
4. Koto Kids Club Higashisuna (Established inside the Higashisuna Elementary School)
5. Koto Kids Club Kametaka(Established inside the Kametaka Elementary School)
6. Koto Kids Club Edagawa (Established inside the Edagawa Elementary School)
7. Koto Kids Club Nanasuna (Established inside the Dainanasunamachi Elementary School)
8. Koto Kids Club Nanyo (Established inside the Nanyo Elementary School)
9. Koto Kids Club Sennan (Established inside the Sennan Elementary School)
10 Koto Kids Club Suijin (Established inside the Suijin Elementary School)
11. Koto Kids Club Nanou (Established inside the Ojima Nanou Elementary School)
12. Koto Kids Club Kazuya (Established inside the Kazuya Elementary School)
13. Koto Kids Club Gosuna (Established inside the Daigosunamachi Elementary School)
14. Koto Kids Club Nikame (Established inside the Daini Kameido Elementary School)

□ Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture Subsidy Project
1. Mommy Rainbow Kids@Chigasaki Southern St.

□ Project Commissioned by Ota City, Tokyo
1. Haginaka Otakko Hiroba (Established inside the Haginaka Elementary School)
2. Nishirokugo Otakko Hiroba (Established inside the Nishirokugo Elementary School)
3. Nakaikegami Child Welfare Facilities

□ Project Commissioned by Nerima City, Tokyo
1. Oizumi After-School Children’s Club (Established inside the Oizumi Elementary School)
2. Nerima Daini Elementary Nerikko Club (Established inside the Nerima Daini Elementary School)
3. Hikarigaoka Akinohi Nerikko Club (Established inside the Hikarigaoka Akinohi Elementary School)
4. Toyotama After-School Children’s club

□ Project Commissioned by Meguro City, Tokyo
1. Komaba After-School Children’s Club (Established inside the Komaba Elementary School)
2. Komaba Elementary School Run Run Plaza
3. Sugekari After-School Children’s Club (Established inside the Sugekari Elementary School)

□ Project Commissioned by Arakawa City, Tokyo
1. Kyuhake Nikoniko School/ After-School Children’s Club (Established inside the Kyuhake Elementary School)
2. Minamisenju 6-Chome After-school Children`s Club

□ Project Commissioned by Suginami City, Tokyo
1. Nishita After-School Children’s Club (Established inside the Nishita Elementary School)
2. Kutsukake School Children’s Club (in Kutsukake Elementary School)

□ Project Commissioned by Adachi City, Tokyo
1. Tsubomi After-School Child Care Room (Established inside the Daininishiarai Elementary School)

□ Project Commissioned by Kita City, Tokyo
1. First Sakura Club・Second Sakura Club

□ Designated Management Business by Koto City, Tokyo
1. Senda Social Welfare Facility and Senda Children`s Welfare Facility
2. Kameido Social Welfare facility and Kameido Second Children`s Welfare Facility
3. Koto City Youth Exchange Plaza
4. Onagigawa Children’s Welfare Facility

As of April 2021, we are operating 44 facilities

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