Nursery School

Childcare Philosophy

Creating a “Rainbow-colored” future for children.
Our logo of a bear riding on a rainbow symbolizes our commitment to ensuring that children’s futures are as bright as rainbows.


Childcare Policy

○ We will bring out the child’s curiosity and desire to learn through engaging childcare in accordance with the “Nanairo Program”.
○ Through enjoyable meal times, we draw out interest in nutrition and convey the importance of “food”.
○ We offer childcare services in a friendly, calm environment that is sensitive and appropriate to the children’s needs.
○ We uphold the rights of all children, see every child as a unique individual, and respect each other’s existence.
○ We provide children a safe environment and tender care where they can be themselves and act freely.
○ We provide childcare services where families, daycare centers, and the community support and work together in order to ensure that everyone may feel safe and comfortable.


Childcare Objectives

〇 Children who are interested in various things.
〇 A child who values himself and his friends
〇 A child with a healthy mind and body
〇 Children who can think independently




Mommy Higashisuna Nursery

マミー保育園 東砂

3-28-1, Higashisuna, Koto city, Tokyo


Mommy Ogibashi Nursery

マミー保育園 扇橋

1-21-5 Ogibashi, Koto city, Tokyo


Mommy Nishiojima Nursery

マミー保育園 西大島

2-36-15, Ojima, Koto city, Tokyo


Mommy Takasu Nursery


5-1 Takasu, Urayasu-shi, Chiba Regis Fort Shin-Urayasu CC Building


Mommy Chigasaki Nursery

マミー保育園 茅ヶ崎

9-11 Saiwai-cho, Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture


Mommy Shinkawasaki Nursery

マミー保育園 新川崎

5-2 Shin Kawasaki, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture Shinka Mall 3F


Mommy Sagamiono Nursery

5歳児室 にじ組

7-3-3 Sagamiono, Minami-ku, Sagamihara city, Kanagawa Brother Building Sagamiono 3F


Mommy Futamatagawa Nursery

マミー保育園 二俣川

3 Sachigaoka, Asahi-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture TP Heights 1F


Mommy Toyocho Nursery

マミー保育園 東陽町

2-2-14 Toyo, Koto city Tokyo City Terrace Toyocho


Mommy Minamisunamachi Nursery

マミー保育センター 南砂町

3-4-35 Shinsuna, Koto city, Tokyo 1st Floor Nursery