Futamatagawa nursery

Yokohama city certified Yokohama nursery facilities

opening time : 7:00-19:00
after hour childcare : 19:00-21:00
closed days : Sunday, public holiday, the beginning of the year and the end of the year
Location : TP Heights 1F 3 Sachigaoka Asahi-ku, Yokohama 241-0822 Japan
8-minute walk from Sagami Railway main line “Futamatagawa station”
phone number : 045-366-5718

currently available

For more detailed info about availability. Please contact Futamatagawa nursery school.


It is very bright nursery room where sunlight enters well through the large glass windows
of our school Our spacious classroom lets the children enjoy play wildly that in the winter time you don’t even need a heater./p>Guidance of Futamatagawa nursery :
In Futamatagawa nursery school we also provide “monthly daycare” and “daily /temporary daycare”Age for childcare :
From the first 51 days to 10 years old
※For details, please ask directly to Futamatagawa nursery school.

Information from nursery school

Those who satisfies the requirements for an authorization child exempts from an initiation fee and an annual fee.
[Reduce of tuition subsidies]
There is a system where a fee for day care is reduced for the total amount of all guardians’ amount of a front income tax year income tax for a less than 203,000 yen household.
[Multiple kids exemption system]
When the brother goes to the nursery school at other Yokohama approval nursery schools, the Yokohama childcare room, the kindergarten, and the home childcare welfare member, the 2nd child can receive 18,000 yen and, as for the kindergartner who goes to this garden, the 3rd child or subsequent ones can receive discount of the fee-for-day-care total amount from a monthly amount fee for day care.

Food education program

We are striving every day to make kids feel the pleasure, the joy, and gratitude to eat, and able to show through food education.
“The samosa wind of a helmet”
The wrapping sheet for an egg roll
Pig ground meat
Curry powder
Salt and pepper
Flour melted with water (it is used for closing)
-How to cook-
①Seasoned ground meat using curry powder and stir-fry them.
②Smash boiled potatoes and mix them with ①.
③Make a helmet using egg roll wrapping sheet then put ② ingredients in a space of helmet and close it.
④Fry the helmet, if the surface of the helmet became brown then you’re done.