Minamisuna nursery

Tokyo Prefecture certified nursery facilities

opening time : 7:00-19:00
after hour childcare : 19:00-21:00
closed days : Sunday, public holiday, the beginning of the year and the end of the year
Location : 3-4-35 Shin-Suna Koto-ku, Tokyo 136-0075 Japan
5-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Tozai Line “Mimami-Sunamachi station”
phone number : 03-3699-4697

currently available

April, 2013, there is no room for children that is available.
Please contact Minamisuna nursery school for more information.


In Minamisuna nursery school we are based on the first floor of an apartment, Our daily routine goes as follows. we enjoy taking walks around the parks and gardens, and interacting with nature.
we also enjoy Free english lessons and intellectual training. that are provided by mommy International. because of that, our students english as improved rapidly. And because of the positive energy given by our staff, you can hear the childrens voices laughing and having fun.


Guidance of Minamisuna nursery :
In Minamisuna nursery school We also provide “monthly daycare” and “daily /temporary daycare”
Age for childcare :
From the first 51 days to 10 years old
※For details, please ask directly to Minamisuna nursery school.

Information from nursery school

Food education program

We are learning about the food in the various themes of each month in the “Food Education Day”.
In Minamisunamachi nursery, we are learning about ingredients that we use in mini cooking and bodystruktur we also leaning how to use chopsticks and a spoon to make children interested of the manners of a meal.
“Ms. Ririko” of the tomato was planted all together in the mommy vegetable garden this year also.
It is good for many delicious tomatoes to grow.