Mommy Shinkawasaki Nursery

Mommy Shinkawasaki Nursery

【Licensed nursery school】

[Address] Shinkamall 3F, 5-2 Shinkawasaki, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki city, Kanagawa 212-0032
[Access] 3 minutes walk from Shin-Kawasaki Station on the JR Yokosuka Line.
[Opening hours] Monday – Saturday 7:00 – 18:00
[Extended daycare hours 18:00 – 20:00
[Closed] Sundays, national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays (Dec. 29 – Jan. 3)
[Age range] 1 year old to preschool age
[Phone number] 0467-82-3517

Message of the Principal

It is a very cheerful nursery school. There is an overpass from the station, which is very convenient.
There are many large parks nearby, and we go for walks on sunny days to enjoy nature.
We also have a cook who prepares homemade lunches to promote dietary education.
Our bright and energetic staff is waiting for you. Please come and visit us.

Guide inside the nursery

Floor Plan

Floor Plan



0.1 year old room

0.1 year old room

0.1 year old room

0.1 year old room

2.3 years old room

2.3 years old room

2.3 years old room

2.3 years old room

4.5 years old room

4.5 years old room

4.5 years old room

4.5 years old room

Cooking room

Cooking room

Infant's toilet

Infant’s toilet

Toddler's toilet

Toddler’s toilet


JR Yokosuka Line, Shin-Kawasaki Station, 3 minutes walk over the pedestrian bridge directly connected to the station.
3rd floor of the building where Keikyu Store is located

News from the Nursery

Mommy Nursery School Chigasaki is planning to hold an admission tour and orientation day.
Please call us to make an appointment for an admission tour and orientation
Phone number: 044-201-8985





















    A View of Nursery Activities

    <Sports Day>

    <October Birthday Party>

    A magician, Mr. Allak, is here!

    Stick a bamboo skewer into a balloon, but it won’t break! Why?

    Mr. Allak’s magic had our eyes drawn to him!

    <October Physical Exercise Class>

    1 year old playing with balance

    2-year-olds jumping on the aisle!

    3 years old, throwing a ball

    4-year-olds practicing passing the baton in the relay!

    5-year-olds practicing the leg-opening jump!


    We went to Kanazawa Zoo!

    We played a game of X’s and O’s!

    Let’s dance together!

    <September Workshop> Theme: “Giraffe

    0.1 year olds made giraffe patterns with stickers!

    2-year-olds drew patterns with paints.

    3-year-olds drew a grassland where giraffes live by finger painting!

    4 years old Making a grassland with torn origami!

    Five-year-olds drew a grassland with crayons and then finger-painted over it.


    Suzumushi appeared on stage and sang “Mushi no Koe” (The Voice of Insects) to the accompaniment of handbell music.

    “The tanuki also appeared, playing the belly drum! We also sang ‘Shojoji no Tanuki Bayashi’!”

    <September Storytime>

    Biyoung for 0.1 year olds

    Byoyoon for 0.1 year olds

    Hensen Suru Yubi for 2 and 3 year olds

    Aya’s finger turns into a sausage.

    What will the finger change into?

    We got a “henshin card” that we made ourselves.

    You put your finger in here, right?

    Look at it, with the [henshin card], my finger is also henshin.

    My finger is also henshin.

    Hone” (4 and 5 year olds)

    Aya and I checked the shape of the bones in our knees.

    She told me that various tools also have bones.

    Surprise! “I saw Aya’s bone.

    <September’s Physical Education Class>

    1 year old ran in circles around the cones!

    2-year-olds high-fived the instructor after walking on the long averaging table!

    3-year-olds tried the frog jump!

    4-year-olds Jumped on the jumping box with both feet together!

    5 years old: Gymnastics “Bunk Bed”.

    Gymnastics “Airplane


    I found it in the leaves” for 0 and 1 year olds

    The children enjoy talking with “Aya” using gestures.

    They receive the book together with their friends.

    Happakira Kira Kira” (2 and 3 year olds)

    When Aya goes outside to look at leaves, she wears a hat and carries a water bottle in her bag. It’s the same as everyone else’s.

    Catnip, always next to me” (4-5 year olds)

    A magnifying glass is a tool to see bigger, isn’t it?

    “I used the stethoscope that Aya gave me to listen to the sound of wood.

    I looked through the catnip with a magnifying glass, and the grains looked big.


    Popsicle-chan is here!
    She brought the ingredients for popsicles for everyone!

    Popsicle-chan handing out bowls of oranges, peaches, and pineapples!

    Which flavor should I choose, orange or apple?

    After inserting the candy sticks, all we had to do was freeze them! Be tasty~!

    The finished popsicles were enjoyed by everyone!

    <Watermelon splitting contest>

    Blindfolded, we tried to split the watermelon!

    We got it right~ Amazing!

    We ate sweet watermelon on a placemat that we made ourselves!
    It’s delicious when everyone eats together.

    <August Craft Class> Theme: “Moon Viewing

    0.1 year old

    2 year olds

    3 year olds

    4.5 year olds


    1 year old

    2 years old

    3 years old

    4 years old

    5 years old

    <Summer Festival> Presented by 4.5 year olds

    Bon dance with everyone♪

    After receiving a stamp card and money from Mommy Bank, let’s go to the food stalls!

    Yo-yo fishing

    Goldfish scooping

    Hijiki Onigiri and Misoyaki Onigiri are popular menu items!

    Kumamee’s Mask Shop

    Challenge the haunted house with the principal! It was scary!

    <August Birthday Party>

    Playing Mickey Mouse March on the trombone

    <Let’s make a boat!>

    0.1 year olds: Putting stickers on the base!

    2-year-olds drew patterns with a sign pen!

    3-year-olds made a sail by attaching parts!

    4-year-olds Making cuts with scissors while assembling.

    5-year-olds: The ship of the rainbow class has a screw propeller!

    <July Storytime>

    Magic cup” for 2 and 3 year olds “Aya” brought a magic cup from the land of picture books, filled it with water and looked into it.

    4 and 5 year olds Oyoogu

    Just like the boy in the picture book, “Aya” is practicing putting on her face.

    We got a pool card.

    We have to check it ourselves.

    Let’s practice putting on our faces so we don’t lose to “Aya”.

    <July’s birthday party>

    A lot of cute ghosts appeared in the glove theater!

    The children’s eyes were glued to the “something” that appeared one after the other.

    <Physical Education Class in July>

    1 year old ran to the instructor and touched her!

    2-year-olds: Can you cross the aisle without falling?

    3-year-olds walked sideways across the floor. They naturally turned their hands into crabs!

    4-year-olds holding hands with their friends, balancing on each other…

    5-year-olds: Balancing and crossing the cone obstacle!


    The theme was “Goldfish” and they used paint stamps to create bubbles!

    The 5-year-olds expressed a goldfish bowl looking through the top!

    <Storytime in June>

    0.1 year olds “Oppo Oppo

    0.1 year olds “Oppo Oppo Oppo

    2.3 year olds “My Umbrella

    2.3 year old “My Umbrella

    2.3 year olds “My Umbrella

    4.5 year olds “Water ball lens

    4.5 year olds “Water ball lens

    “Aya brought me materials for my raincoat from the Land of Storytelling.

    After the storytelling session, we made raincoats.
    We put ribbons on it, made it into a cloak shape, etc. We completed our raincoats in our own way.

    Now, let’s put on our one-of-a-kind raincoats and go exploring on a rainy day.

    We tried to make a smeared picture by dripping rain on the magic coated paper. Exploring on a rainy day is fun.

    June Birthday Party

    The children were very interested in the card trick!

    Physical Education Class

    5-year-olds try jumping rope!

    4-year-olds are improving their bridge skills with each class!

    3-year-olds checking their hand position and body posture when doing a forward roll!

    Art Class

    0,1 year olds making strawberries with finger painting

    2-year-olds making snails with dandelions

    3-year-olds making frogs by folding thorns

    4 years old: Making hydrangea with dyed paper

    5 years old: Making 3D hydrangea

    May Storytime

    Pero Chupachu” 0,1 year olds
    This was the first storytime of the year for the red and white class.
    From now on, once a month, the fairy “Aya” will come from the land of storybooks and read a story to us.

    Hide and seek in the grass 2,3 year olds

    From an ant’s point of view, 4 and 5 year olds

    From an ant’s point of view, 4 and 5 year olds

    Aya brought me an ant breeding set (Arigel) from the Land of Stories. Now that I’ve learned how to use it, I have to go look for ants.

    May Birthday Party





    One Year Old Child

    First gymnastics class! They enjoyed interacting with the instructor and the ball.


    The 2-year-olds enjoyed balancing on the wiggly rope.


    Practicing forward rolls while paying attention to where they put their hands and heads!


    Challenging the difficult backward roll!


    How far can you jump? A big jump!

    April Storytime for 2,3,4,5 year olds
    Sugiyama Kyoudai no Shabondama to play with

    After the storytelling session, we prepared for the rice ball game.

    Children 2,3,4,5 years old

    This is the beginning of the bubble show.

    After watching the bubble show, the children tried to make their own bubbles using their own tools and various other equipment.

    April Birthday Party

    The Tulip Spirit appeared! We all sang the song “Tulip” together.

    The butterfly spirit appeared with a present!

    February 3rd Bean Throwing Party

    Oni wa soto~, Fuku wa uchi~!

    January Storytime

    Panda-kun, Panda-kun, what are you looking at? (0-1 year old class)Panda-kun read to us.

    Panda-kun’s ears are on top of his head. What are everyone’s ears?

    2 and 3 year old class “Baba-chan’s Omochitsuki

    We listened to a story with Panda-kun.

    4 and 5 year old class “Let’s make something with a paper cup”.

    He taught me how to make a Daruma doll!

    New Year’s Fun Party

    Let’s make Osechi, a skit by the staff!

    What kind of wishes are put into Osechi?

    Everyone tried to be Osechi!

    New Year’s Play Karuta

    New Year’s play Karuta

    Happy laugh

    Happy laughter

    Making a spinning top

    Will it spin well?

    Daruma Drop

    Dropping a Daruma doll

    November Birthday Party

    Birthday Buddies

    The beginning of the fun!

    Let’s make the big carrot go “to and fro, to and fro, to and fro.

    “The carrot fell out…

    The nutritionist cooked the carrots slowly. The carrot cake was ready!

    Everyone ate well together.

    Storytime in November

    All classes together “Ookina Kabu

    “Unkoko-sho, doko-koko-sho”.

    October Potato Harvesting

    We got some potatoes!

    Can we get some potatoes?

    How should we pick them?

    Look, look, look!

    We got a lot of potatoes together!

    Halloween Party in October

    Happy Halloween!

    Red Group


    Green Group

    Ao & Niji

    Trick or Treat!

    We got sweets!

    October Birthday Party

    Happy birthday, here’s a card.

    Open your mouth, cake!

    Here’s a story about Baketa-kun.

    October Storytime

    0-1 year old class “Kake Kake Kake

    Practice running for the Sports Day!

    2 and 3 year old class “A Field Day in the Vegetable Village

    Reading “The Hare and the Tortoise” to 4 and 5 year olds

    Storytime in September

    0 and 1 year old class “Yonde Yonde

    2, 3 year old class “Polar Bear Pants

    4 and 5 year old class “Papa, take the moon!

    Birthday party

    Enter the birthday girl!

    How old are you now?

    I’m 5 years old.

    This is fun.

    It’s fun.

    Here are your medals!

    What’s about to happen? I’m excited.

    What will we get?


    Watermelon splitting in August

    Picture book “Watermelon

    The children in the red and white classes were very excited to touch the watermelon.

    Did it break?

    Let’s eat!


    Storytime in July

    0.1 year old class “Oshikuramanju

    2.3 year old class “Playing with water with a baby bear

    4.5 year old class “The Ghost in the Cradle

    4.5 year old class “The Ghost in the Cradle” (unabridged story)

    Tanabata Party

    Staff ensemble performance of “Tanabata-sama

    A-ya came to play too!

    Wall theater “The Tale of the Tanabata

    Let’s make Orihime and Hikoboshi together!

    Everyone made their own Weaver and Hikoboshi dolls!

    We made beautiful decorations to decorate the bamboo branches.

    Storytime in April

    2 and 3 year old class “De De Koi Ichurippu

    4 and 5 year old class “Newly Born Colors

    We talked a lot with A-ya!

    Completion of “Mami Animal Park”! We had an exhibition of our works.

    Mamie’s Animal Park” is complete!





    There’s also a lion!

    We also made this work with paper mache!

    Storytime in February

    2-year-olds (Footprints on Snow Day)

    3,4,5 year olds (Snow day)

    0,1 year old

    New Year’s Party

    Karuta, Karuta

    Let’s make a spinning top!

    Let’s have a good laugh!

    Let’s play karuta with Aya!

    Let’s have lunch together!


    Hand bag

    Mochi Rice-pounding with 14 Picks

    We had a Christmas party on December 25th!

    The Midori class performed a dance performance with the song “Winter Wonderland”!

    The Ao and Niji groups performed the Christmas play “Santa Claus, the Abandoned Santa Claus”!

    Finally, they sang “Jingle Bells” with the sound of handbells!

    The Christmas tree lighting ceremony was held on December 10th!

    December 10: Christmas tree lighting ceremony. We were surprised by the god who suddenly appeared! When the tree was illuminated, the children shouted, “Beautiful! When the illumination was turned on, they shouted, “Beautiful!

    red, large, and small groups. When the lights came on in “3, 2, 1”, they were so excited! They were so excited! They pointed their fingers and said, “It’s so bright!” over and over again.

    December Storytime

    Toddler class “The Mysterious Box of Christmas

    Infant class “Santa Claus and Rei-chan

    A-ya the fairy wrote a letter to Santa Claus. Did everyone write their letters?

    November Story Time




    Sports Day

    Flick your hips to the rhythm!

    Work together to make a paraballoon!

    The flags are all lined up beautifully!

    Mom, Dad, where are you?

    Pass the baton! Yodon!

    Parents and children playing banana games together!

    Storytime in October

    “Infant Class – Good Evening, Mr. moon” Some children pointed their fingers and said, “It’s all round!

    “Toddler Class – Hide and Seek in the Forest -” I can’t take my eyes off the book! They were so absorbed!

    Digging for potatoes

    We picked a lot of potatoes!

    Oh! I found it!

    Look! It’s so big.


    “Big, big potatoes.”They were watching it very carefully.

    A-ya the fairy brought us some sweet potatoes.

    We watched a picture book about ‘Fruits’.They are very interested!

    Storytelling session

    Aya, the fairy from the land of storytelling, appeared in her Otohime costume! This month it was a picture book about “Urashimaaro”!

    In the infant room, it was the picture book of “Doronko Doronko”!

    They listened to the story with serious expressions.

    Tanabata Party
    The Tanabata party was fun. I hope everyone’s wishes come true!

    Tanabata Party

    Tanabata Party

    Tanabata Party

    Tanabata Party


    Storytime for toddlers

    Storytime for infants

    Storytime for infants

    Storytime for infants


    Here is a scene from the birthday party. They answered the interview with a bit of nervousness. Congratulations!


    Let’s turn on the lights!

    You can put a lot on your dolls.

    We made clothes for the doll’s inner garment.

    High cheese with the dolls we made together!


    Oni wa soto! Fuku wa Uchi~! I’m too scared to throw beans… (;_:)

    The elephant class went for a walk to Yumemigasaki Zoo.

    They climbed the stairs and walked 25 minutes one way and 50 minutes back.

    They were very curious when they saw a zebra approaching. Their ears are moving. Their eyes are moving. I’m impressed with their observational skills.

    The children of the panda class had a cooking session.
    We tore up the pak choi! Today’s menu is a soup full of Chinese cabbage.

    We had a costume parade!


    Parent-child exchange party

    Let’s see what we can do!

    We went on a picnic together! The cherry blossoms were so beautiful!

    【English learning(included in the childcare fee)