1979 NOVEMBER Opened Boston English Academy, Inc
1994 MARCH Opened [Mommy Daycare Center Chigasaki]
1995 OCTOBER Chigasaki Nursery was approved as an authorized childcare facility by Kanagawa Prefecture and Chigasaki City
1997 APRIL [Mommy Daycare Center Futamatagawa] opened
1998 APRIL Mommy Daycare Center Futamatagawa certified as a Yokohama Daycare Center by Yokohama City
2000 JUNE C.E.O. Katsuyasu Ito is appointed to the committee of the [non-registered day care facilities investigative commission for childcare] that Kanagawa Prefecture sponsored
2006 APRIL Tokyo certified nursery [Mommy Daycare Center Minamisunamachi] was established
2007 APRL Mommy International Co.,Ltd was established
2008 FEBUARY Tokyo branch opened Kameido, Koto City
APRIL Koto City [Genkids Suijin], [Genkids Nidai], [Genkids Kametaka] Opened
2009 APRIL [Mommy Daycare Center Sagamiono] New Nursery School Opened
JUNE English Education Division established
International Day Nursery School opened
OCTOBER Mommy Childcare Center Sagamiono New School Certified as an Authorized Childcare Facility by Sagamihara City
Boston English Academy closed
2011 APRIL [Mommy Daycare Center ShinKawasaki] opened
Urayasu City Certified Childcare Center[Mommy Childcare Center Shinurayasu Takasu] opened
[Koto Kids Club Rokusuna] opened in Koto City, Tokyo
JUNE We were given and entrusted with a contract From the Board of Education District home education; short-time daycare
2012 APRIL Koto City [Koto Kids Club Rinkai] opened
Mommy Nursery Center Shinkawasaki is certified as Kawasaki City Certified Nursery School
Moved from Koto City Genkids Nidai to [Koto Kids Club Nidai]
2013 APRIL Koto City [Koto Kids Club Higashisuna] opened
OCTOBER Mommy Nursery Center Shinkawasaki is certified as Kawasaki Certified Nursery School Type A
Appointed to Manage the [Senda Welfare Hall / Children’s Hall] in Koto City
2014 APRIL Licensed nursery school [Mommy Nursery Nishiojima] opened
Koto City [Senda Welfare Hall / Children’s Hall]designated management business started
Koto City [Koto Kids Club Edagawa] opened
OCTOBER Takasu Nursery shifts to licensed nursery school [Takasu Mommy Nursery School]
2015 APRIL Shinkawasaki Nursery became licensed Nursery School [Mommy Nursery School Shinkawasaki]
Chigasaki Nursery became licensed nursery school [Mommy Nursery School Chigasaki]
Sagamiono New Nursery became licensed nursery school [Mommy Nursery School Sagamiono]
[Koto Kids Club Nanasuna] opened in Koto City, Tokyo
Chigasaki City subsidized project [Mommy Rainbow Kids @ Chigasaki Southern St.] opened
JUNE Tokyo branch relocated from Kameido, Koto City to Ojima, Koto Ward
JULY Head Office relocated from Chigasaki City to Sakuragi-cho, Naka Ward, Yokohama City
2016 APRIL Koto City [Koto Kids Club Nanyo] and [Koto Kids Club Sennan] opened
SEPTEMBER Opening of [Mommy International Manila], Philippines
OCTOBER Appointed as the designated manager of the [Youth Exchange Plaza] formerly the Youth Center in Koto City, Tokyo
(Heisei year 29)
APRIL Licensed nursery school [Mommy Nursery School Toyocho] opened
Futamatagawa Preschool transferred to the licensed nursery [Mommy Nursery School Futamatagawa]
Mommy Nursery Chigasaki moved to a new place
Koto City [Youth Exchange Plaza] designated for management
Koto City Transferred from Genkids Suijin to [Koto Kids Club Suijin], and from Genkids Nano to [Koto Kids Club Nano]
OCTOBER Designated as the designated manager of Koto City Kameido Welfare Hall and Kameido Second Children’s Hall
2018 APRIL Koto City [Kameido Welfare Hall / Kameido Second Children’s Hall] designated management business started
OCTOBER Licensed nursery school [Mommy Nursery School Higashisuna] opened
2019 APRIL Koto City [Koto Kids Club Kazuya] opened
Nerima City [Oizumi Elementary School Children’s Club] opened
Ota City [Nakaikegami Children’s Center] opened
DECEMBER Adachi City [Tsubomi School Child Care Room] appointed to management business
2020 APRIL Licensed Nursery [Mommy Nursery Ogibashi] opened
Koto City [Koto Kids Club Gosuna] opened
Ota City [Nishirokugo Otakko Hiroba] [Haginaka Otakko Hiroba] Opened
Nerima City [Hikarigaoka Akinohi Nerikko Club / Nerima Second Elementary School Childrens Club] opened
Meguro City [Meguro Elementary School Childrens Club] Opened
Arakawa City [Kyuhake Elemnratry Childrens Club /Kyuhake] opened
Adachi City [Tsubomi School Child Care Room] opened
2021 APRIL Tokyo Branch Office relocated from Ojima, Koto City to Kameido,Koto City Koto City [Koto Kids Club Nikame] opened
[Onagigawa Children’s Center]designated management business started
Nerima City transferred Nerima Daini Elementary School Children’s Club to [Nerima Daini Elementary School Nerikko Club]
Nerima City [Toyotama School Children’s Club] opened
Meguro City [Komaba Elementary School Run Run Plaza] and [Sugekari Elementary School Childcare Club] opened
Arakawa City [Minami Senju 6-chome Schoolchildren’s Club] opened
Suginami City [Nishita School Children’s Club and Kutsukake School Children’s Club] opened
Kita City [First Sakura Club・Second Sakura Club] opened
2022 APRIL Edogawa Ward “Kyoiku Plaza Kasai” and “Kyoiku Plaza Minami Shinozaki” opened
Kita Ward “Waku Waku Oji Hiroba”, “Waku Waku Jujo Hiroba” and “Waku Waku Toshima Wakaba Hiroba” opened
Meguro Ward “Takaban School Children’s Club” and “Sugekari Ranran Hiroba” opened
Suginami Ward “Iogi School Children’s Club”, “Iogi Elementary School After-School Place Project”, “Momoichi School Children’s Club”, Hachinari School Children’s Club” opened
Arakawa Ward “Higurashi Elementary School Children’s Club Higurashi Nikoniko School” opened
Arakawa Ward Started designated management business of “Higurashi Fureaikan”
Koto Ward “Koto Kids Club Tosen” opened
Nerima Ward fOizumi Elementary School Children’s Club changed to “Oizumi Nerikko Club
2023 APRIL Edogawa Ward “Kyoiku Plaza Ichinoe” and “Kyoiku Plaza Koiwa” opened
Kita Ward “Wakuwaku Akabane Hiroba”, “Wakuwaku Yoniwa Hiroba”, “Wakuwaku Ouni Hiroba” and “Jujodai Children’s Center” opened
Meguro Ward “Sugakari Childcare Afterschool Club and Gohongi Childcare Afterschool Club opened.
Minato Ward Yukashi no Mori “Shirokanedai Afterschool Club” and “Appii Shirokanedai / Minato Daycare Support Shirokanedai” opened.