Message from CEO of Mommy International “Mommy International Co., Ltd. C.E.O”

Message from
President Katsuyasu Ito
Mommy International


Our company started in 1979 named Boston English Conversation Academy, an English conversation school. In 1994, the first nursery school was established in Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, to take care of children aged 0 to 3 years old. We have established the company for purpose of helping families who are struggling to balance childcare and employment.
Since its founding, we have operated a total of ten Nursery Schools. We have 4 in Kanagawa Prefecture, 1 in Chiba Prefecture, and 5 in Tokyo within 41 years.


In addition, due to the achievements in the nursery school, 13 schools of Koto Kids Club commissioned by the Koto City Board of Education. We operate a kids club which is a collaborative project with Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture.


As of 2020, we operate 16 facilities in Koto Ward, Tokyo as well as 9 after school cares and school clubs in Nerima Ward, Ota Ward, Meguro Ward, Arakawa Ward and Adachi Ward. Moreover, in Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, we operate a child club as city support project.


In addition, Mommy International HD, a member of the Mommy Group, provides services such as dispatching English teachers and caregiver referrals from overseas, especially from the Philippines, in order to serve as a bridge between highly motivated people who want to play an active role in Japan and companies in Japan that are struggling for human resources.


Personally, I would like to explain why I founded this Mommy Childcare Center. It is a life experience of my mother and a child’s home environment when I was eight years old, my brother was ten years old, and my younger sister was two years old. At that time, in the Showa 30’s, Japan was still behind in childcare welfare, and the number of nursery schools, the nursery environment, and the contents were not enough. I grew up in a single parent family having 2 siblings. My mother worked nonstop from dawn to dusk every single day to support our family. While at the same time, I looked after my sister who even needed diapers in a poorly illuminated room which didn’t have a heater. I still remember that I prayed at the Shrine, saying, “Lord, please help me”, as a child. However, there’s no such thing as miracles, and it does not happen even if you try to get out of the bottom of the social pyramid.


People don’t live forever. Life is as short as a blink of an eye. I founded Mommy Childcare Center because I wanted to take advantage of my dark and miserable childhood experience.
There are still many children waiting for childcare facilities in Japan that are flexible and fit to the different home environment. As there are many areas where childcare facilities themselves are not sufficient, it is urgent to create childcare facilities and at the same time enhance the contents of childcare and I am convinced that this is my mission and my vocation.


I run the company and always keep in mind that:
Children, parents, customers, and people involved smiled with satisfaction saying that they were happy to join the club and that they were glad to attend The Mommy Nursery School, and that they would like to work hand in hand to watch over their children’s healthy growth together with their parents, schools, and local communities.


To make our colleagues who work at our company, including our after-school children’s classes and Mommy Nursery School, say “It’s good to work at Mommy,” and to give them a reason to live.


I want to leave a trace of myself in order to contribute to the healthy development of society and to create a peaceful society where people care for others.