Message from CEO of Mommy International “Mommy International Co., Ltd. C.E.O”

ceo Our company was established March of 1994 in Kanagawa-ken,Chigasaki City
It’s aim was a nursery for 0-3 year olds to help parents struggling to maintain the balance between career and child care.
It as been 22 years now,Since the opening of mommy International. with 7 schools prospering well. We have
4 nursery school in kanagawa prefecture, 1 nursery school in Chiba prefecture and 2 nursery school in Tokyo.
we are also managing After school kids club for the koto-ku district school.


We have also opened “Mommy Nursery school” in Nishioshima, which was our first authorized nursery school in April 2014. Moreover, we are managing Senda Social Welfare Center/Children’s hall, for which we became the first private company to be entrusted by the Koto-ku city gonverment. For Social Welfare/Children’s Center in Koto ward. Currently, we are planning to open the kinder garden in Bonifacio Global city, Philippine.


We started a full-scale English program in ShinKawasaki. Starting from 0 years to preschool this is a total immersion English environment has unique features of teaching and music. This successful and popular model is now the standard for all Mommy nursery centers.


On a personal note I want to share WHY I established Mommy International nursery school. When I was a young 8 years old, my brother was 10 and my sister was 2. We lived in a single parent home. Back in 1955 the nursery welfare programs were lagging behind. The nursery environment was not as good as it is now. There were not enough nursery schools in Japan at that time. I remember putting my hands together in front of the alter praying from my heart everyday. “God please help us.” However, no miracles came for those of us trying to stay strong on the bottom of society.


“Life is over before you can even blink your eyes”. That is how short life is. So, I established Mommy International nursery because I thought I can take advantage of my miserable childhood experience.


There are so many kids who are waiting for childcare facilities with the flexibility that fits their home environment . There are not enough nursery facilities in many areas. We need to create the nursery facilities with fulfilling opportunities. I believe this is our mission and sure it is my vocation.


I have 3 things that I pray for our company everyday:


First is to hear “I’m glad I joined Genki Kids Club.” or “I’m happy that I am attending Mommy International nursery school.” With happy faces from parents and customers I hope to watch the kids grow healthy with parents, school, and community.
Second, to hear from colleagues who works in Mommy International that they are happy with working here and I want them to feel that they have a purpose in life working in this company.
Third, to help develop healthy and peaceful society where there is compassion.


Mommy International Co.,Ltd C.E.O. Katsuyasu Ito